Demographic Challenge 2017: First Half

In the first half of 2017, I read 33 books, putting me on track to read 66 in total this year. Since I’ve challenged myself to read according to the demographics of my country, the United States, I’m checking in on how well I’m doing that. Read more about my challenge in the kick-off post.

Last quarter I told you that I didn’t expect to be meeting all my goals, but now, being halfway through the year, I’m taking a more serious look at what I need to do to succeed.


Photo by Slava Bowman, courtesy of Unsplash.

Note that asterisks (*) indicate books that count toward more than one goal.

Here’s the breakdown of categories where I’m accomplishing my goals:

These are the categories where I’m not meeting my goals:

  • Multiracial and Indigenous (3.1%): should have read 1, have read 0


I’m meeting – and even exceeding – some of my reading goals, but I’m not feeling too good about being four books behind on books in translation and three behind on Hispanic and Latinx authors. I’m in the middle of one book translated from French (Les Misérables) but I’ve still got 90% (AKA over 1000 pages) to go.

By reading some books written originally in Spanish by Central and South American authors (García Márquez, Borges, and more Allende are already on my list), I could double up on these two goals, but as a definite mood reader, that may be wishful thinking. In any case, I’ve got plenty of books on my TBR to choose from! (Too many? No such thing.)


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