Demographic Challenge 2017: First Quarter

In the first quarter of 2017, I read 18 books, putting me on track to read 54 this year. Since I’ve challenged myself to read according to the demographics of my country, the United States, I’m checking in on how well I’m doing that. Read more about my challenge in the kick-off post.

I don’t expect that I’ll be meeting all my goals at this point – we’re only three months into 2017 after all – but this is a good time to see how things are going, what’s working, and what changes I need to make.


Photo by Slava Bowman, courtesy of Unsplash.

Note that asterisks (*) indicate books counting toward more than one goal.

Here’s the breakdown of categories where I’m succeeding in my goals:

These are the categories where I’m not meeting my goals:

  • Books in translation (20%): should have read 4, have read 1
  • Multiracial and Indigenous (3.1%): should have read 1, have read 0


First, I love how many good books are on this list. (Best book so far? Daughter of Fortune. The link goes to my review.) I hope this is a trend that continues!

I’m also excited to exceed my reading goals for black and African American authors and QUILTBAG authors. I’m not concerned about missing my goals (yet) for Hispanic and Latinx authors and multiracial and Indigenous authors, since I could catch up in two books and I’m ahead on other goals.

However, falling behind by 3 books in my translation goal? Color me concerned! I’ve got four books in translation checked out from the library now (and others hanging around my house), so the opportunity’s there … but as a quote from my current read says: “To plan is human, to implement, divine.”

Here goes nothing! (Drop any recommendations for books translated into English in the comments, please!)


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