February 2017 – Small Goals

Today I’m linking up with Nicole at writes like a girl to set five small goals for the month of February!

January went okay. Three out of five.

  1. Get rid of the white bookshelf in the study
  2. Clean out the study closet
    The study still needs some work, but there is less stuff in there overall, even if the bookshelf is still there.
  3. Read a book in translation
    Isabel Allende’s Daughter of Fortune was the best book I read in January! I highly recommend it to fans of historical fiction.
  4. Call my grandparents
  5. Start a new craft project
    I started crocheting a new cowl! I even took it to see Hidden Figures (also highly recommended) with my old friend from the physics department.



Photo by Mike Wilson, courtesy of Unsplash.


  1. Send Valentine’s Day cards to my old roommates
    This is a tradition of mine that I really love. Not just because I get to pull out my stationery and stamps, but because I also get to remind myself that love comes in many forms, not just romantic.
  2. Read two books by black or African American authors
    This contributes to my 2017 reading challenge. I’m currently reading Flight to Canada. I’m guessing the second book will be N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Kingdoms, but I’ll see what I’m in the mood for.
  3. Call my grandparents
    As I said last month: “My closest set of grandparents lives 796 miles from me, so keeping up with long distance communication (in the form of calls and cards or letters) is vital.”
  4. Spend my $50 Kohl’s gift card
    Spending money! For the house or myself! Shouldn’t be that hard right? But this generous gift was a Christmas present to my husband and me, so I need to get both of us to get to a Kohl’s together.
  5. Hang up at least four things at home
    I have so many photos and pieces of art that need a place on the walls! There are at least four things that are already framed – I just need to play the “Just a little lower … Now a half inch to the right …” game and hammer or drill away.

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