January 2017 – Small Goals

Today I’m linking up with Nicole at writes like a girl to set five small goals for the month of January!

gugeiygoclk-ben-garrattPhoto by Ben Garratt, courtesy of Unsplash.
  1. Get rid of the white bookshelf in the study
    I know, I know … an avid reader voluntarily removing a bookshelf? It doesn’t sound good. For consolation purposes, I will inform you that it currently holds not books, but detritus that didn’t seem to belong anywhere else (CD cases, candles, old notebooks, etc.) and one corner is broken. The items it holds deserve a better living space (and so do I!).
  2. Clean out the study closet
    This is where two boxes from the original move to my house are living lurking. (We’ve been here nearly a year and a half.)
  3. Read a book in translation
    This contributes to my (as yet unrevealed here) 2017 reading challenge. I’m rooting for Isabel Allende’s Daughter of Fortune to come in at my library, but if it doesn’t, I own several, including Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.
  4. Call my grandparents
    My closest set of grandparents lives 796 miles from me, so keeping up with long distance communication (in the form of calls and cards or letters) is vital.
  5. Start a new craft project
    Mostly I crochet, but I haven’t since before Thanksgiving, when I finished a small scarf for myself. I’ve been lost as to what to start since then! And it’s not a matter of nothing catching my eye … there’s just too many choices!

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